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 Living Brave Through Breast Cancer is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focused on supporting men and women diagnosed with breast cancer within the first five years who have struggled mentally, spiritually and financially. 




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  Our organization is based on a referral from medical facilities, family members or friends. Our goal is to financially assist five individuals every year, both men and women, who are currently diagnosed or who recently overcame breast cancer, and have struggled financially, within the first five years. Living Brave TBC, along with a host of Guardian Angels, considering our founding motto "Each One Reach One", is determined to be a support. 

No one should have to fight cancer alone. 

Our goal is to continuously expand Living Brave TBC as an avenue to educate people about "Early Detection", financially and emotionally support the lives of those directly affected by this horrifying disease. 


With the help of our tireless staff, we organize fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for our volunteers. 

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team! If you know of someone who is fighting breast cancer or would like to volunteer, send us a referral via email at info@livingbravethroughbreastcancer.org, team@livingbravetbc.org, (or) call the office at (248) 212-0888. 

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If you know of some who was diagnosed with breast cancer and have you struggled financially and emotionally. Please join our family. Complete the form and email it to team@livingbravetbc.org today




My name is Zell. I am the Founder and CEO of Living Brave Through Breast Cancer. I am also a two-time breast cancer survivor. I launched Living Brave TBC in 2017 after a need for financial assistance was denied while battling breast. cancer.  Unfortunately, this is a  common theme among breast cancer survivors/fighters. No one should have to fight cancer alone or need help financially while fighting for their lives. Our organization is based on a referral from medical facilities, family members, or friends. My goal is to build this organization to become a strong family membership of fighters, survivors, caregivers and supporters to help and support as many people as we are able to. I strongly believe in each one reach one.  

I am the Class of 2017



I'm blessed to be five years past cancer on my right side and four years past on my left.  I evicted Mort and Marty (yes, I named them) and since then I am learning to live with my new body.  It has been a challenging journey and I continue to have pain that is a constant reminder of the warrior I have become. Because of this journey with breast cancer twice, I have found new confidence in my ability to overcome any challenges I may face. I identify with the Phoenix that has risen from the ashes. I even named my new business Phoenix Tax. I have found that there is life after cancer. I particularly enjoy finding solace in gardening my back yard which I call Giverny, named after my favorite artist, Claude Monet's home in France.  I ground myself daily when I take off my shoes and feel the earth under my feet. I am now slowing down and smelling the flowers. I think that quote was written by a cancer patient who has learned to appreciate the small things. Moving forward, I feel it is my mission to inform people about the importance of genetic testing (if there is a family history of ovarian and/or breast cancer) and getting yearly mammograms. In my case, I missed my mammogram appointment because I was busy taking care of my business and my family. By the time I rescheduled, my breast cancer was at stage 2. Looking back, I wish I would have made my health a priority at that time. Additionally, had I known about genetic testing, I could have better prepared myself about my chances of getting cancer and made an educated decision  regarding my health. If I could help even just one person to get checked, my mission will be accomplished because early detection saves lives. 

You take care of everyone else and your health should be a priority.

I am the Class of  2018

Darleen Marie


My Journey

My name is Darleen Marie White.  I am the proud mom of three wonderful children. My journey started with my routine yearly mammogram that I have not missed since I’ve began 20 years ago. They spotted something as they have done in previous years; we all thought it was going to be dense tissue as it has been previously. After an ultrasound and biopsy, I received the bone chilling news that it is the big C. I am grateful for the fast-moving process and early detection. I had my first surgery in April.  Three days later I received another call to say the mass was much larger than expected, and I was rescheduled for a second surgery in May. I am currently undergoing radiation treatments, which is a huge task within itself. I am not complaining – completely grateful that I do not have to have chemo infusions. The doctors have suggested taking Tamoxifen pills (which is a 5-year chemo treatment) but I am opting out of that. I am completely confident that radiation will complete this process for me.

 I am the Class of  2019



I was born to the union of Gordon and Norma Wells, Dec 30,1962 in Detroit Michigan I am fortunate to

 I was born to the union of Gordon and Norma Wells, Dec 30,1962 in Detroit Michigan I am fortunate to have 2 birthdays.  I felt The Lord God of Israel hands all over the place on June 22 ,2007 the day I was born again on an operation table! I don't remember how I got over. My grandma used to say "... you can make it if you try" ?My granddad taught me how to "shoot for the moon, you'll land among the stars" We may look down and out because we had no hair anywhere, especially eye brows. I looked at my self after the chemo took all of my long and short hair, and I thought to myself as the prayer warriors went to the Lord God of Israel in prayer for my strength, I saw deep into my self preservation. I knew the devil is and was a lier and the truth ain't in him. I may have looked strange, but I had peace within my heart and mind. Thanks for all you do for the survivors the prayers of the righteous saved me.

 I am the Class of  2018 




My name Latoya Jolly, 34 years young, full of life. Having a difficult pregnancy with unusual symptoms that doctors tell me this pregnancy is not causing. Had my daughter on June 18, 2018 came home with her June 21 just for me to be readmitted later that night for three days. Doctors had to run test on me because my legs and feet were big as elephant trunks, hurt, black and hard. Still had shortness of breath because of fluid on my lungs due to my heart working harder then it should have to  (heart failure).  The doctors kept asking was I healthy before the pregnancy and yes I was. One doctor said, so you were never diagnosed with cancer before? No, should I be worried about cancer? He said just rest, we are running test, you will feel better before you leave here. God had already looked out for his daughter( me). By the third day my heart  was beating correctly, no sign of heart failure, no blood clots though my legs, swollen went down in feet and legs, fluid on lungs almost completely gone!!  

I was nursing my baby when I felt a lump on my left breast. I didn't think much of it, maybe a duct gland with a built up of milk. I promised my doctor I would go get it biopsied on in mid July of 2018. In August of 2018, I received the news that it was breast cancer and that it was aggressive which is the reason why it got so big so fast. 

After I was over numbness, disbelief, and allowing myself to be scared that I was going to leave my daughter due to this disease, I started writing her letters, to let her know how much I love her, I realized I was giving this thing too much credit. I had to tell this disease about my God, My source of everything, my miracle worker, and way out of no way. My God has never left me and he most definitely will not leave me now. I stand firm on his promise, and my answer is Yes, I trust you Lord. I choose to praise my way through and depend on Gods word. I called myself a  survivor while I was going through the test because I had already won the battle. With God by my side who should I fear, nothing or nobody.  3 biopsy's Lots of test

Meta port implanted beginning of October Chemotherapy started October 18, 2018 and ended January 24, 2019 * after the fourth  treatment there was a ultrasound done a week later on December 6, 2018 to see the progress. The gulf ball size tumor was gone!! So its working, to God be the glory!! Surgery (partial mastectomy)Feb 21, 2019 to remove the tissues were the  tumor was. * March 1, 2019 met with my doctor who  did my surgery to figure out what was next. The report said no cancer cells found!!!! God worked it out!

Radiation started April  8, 2019 and I went mon till Friday every week till May 3, 2019. I got to  ring my bell!!!

I did my part and prayed to my God, he did his part as usual he carried me  through.  To God be the glory. I pray my story bless someone. 

 I am the Class of  2018



Shamico Harvey was born in 1986 in Detroit, MI. After graduating from Cass Tech in 2004 she went on to obtain an engineering degree from the University of MI (where she met her husband Dorian Harvey). 

In May 2016, at the tender age of 29 years old, Shamico was enjoying life as a wife, a railroad employee, mother of two chilren (ages 1 and 3 at the time), an active member in her church, and an MBA student when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She thought this diagnosis would be a death sentence for her - - but God! 

Shamico underwent many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, had a double mastectomy, experienced total hair loss, reconstructive surgeries, and ongoing hormone therapy. There were times when she was doing homework for her graduate courses while in the hospital bed, waiting for surgery. Shamico was thrilled to receive the ‘all clear’ from her oncologist in 2017. God used modern medicine to aid in His healing power for His glory and to forever change Shamico’s perspective on life. Shamico credits being alive and well to her Almighty God.

 I am the Class of  2017

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My name is Geane Trotty, I am a wife and a breast cancer survivor. I am also the god-mother of Zell  who I cared for during her battle with breast cancer.   Unbeknownst to my knowing, all along helping Zell, I had breast cancer as well. Two years after helping my daughter, I received the dreadful news that I was diagnosed with the big C. I was determined not to allow this dis-ease have rights to my life without a fight. I can say today I am cancer free! PRAISE GOD! I am here to support my fellow Sisters and Brothers who are and were diagnosed with breast cancer. I have FAITH we can win this battle called breast cancer. 

 I am the Class of  2017



My name is Rev. Linda Seatts-Ogletree, President/CEO of Release & Refresh Women’s Empowerment Series, Inc., a Non-profit Charity that improves the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health of Women & Girls.   I am an advocate of taking care of our bodies and making sure we get our yearly mammograms. I have faithfully received my yearly mammograms since I was 40 years old. There are other forms of cancer that have impacted by family but not Breast Cancer.  Therefore, it  was a shocking surprise that I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer in my left breast in 2007, especially since I had a “clear” mammogram six months earlier.   An Educator at Wayne State University at the time, I had just been promoted 3 months earlier to the Director of International Students & Scholars.  I couldn’t believe it!  I had two 3.5-centimeter tumors in my life breast. A woman of Faith, I was human and asked God, “Why me?”  He assured me He was going through the journey with me. I had 6 months of aggressive Chemo, lip nodes removed & a mastectomy.  It was a long recovery, but I survived it.  I thought I was done! Then in 2014, at my 6-month mammogram appointment, they saw something in my right breast. I can’t tell you how devastating that was for me! It came back as pre-carcinoma, stage one. Frustrated, I told my surgeon to give me a mastectomy and he refused and convinced me all I needed was a lumpectomy and Radiation. He said this doesn’t compare to Stage 3. Needless to say, I went through the process again, and am so grateful to be cancer free!  It was a long, hard journey but God’s grace allows me to be here and tell my story! In fact, I wrote and recorded a song titled, “You’ll Get Your Life Back,” to encourage Cancer patients/survivors that “this too shall pass.”  God Bless You! 

 I am the Class of  2019

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Donate today. Help Living Brave Through Breast Cancer support women and men battling breast cancer.

Donate today. Help Living Brave Through Breast Cancer support women and men battling breast cancer.